Fortinet Awards Umniah the best Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) of the Year

Amman,12 May 2018 Umniah, a subsidiary of Bahrain-based Batelco Group, announced that it has been awarded the best Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) by Fortinet, a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions. Ziad Shatara, Umniah’s CEO, said that the company is proud of this unique rating from a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, as it reflects the added value of products and services that Umniah provides their customers and businesses with. "This international rating, along with other global certifications that Umniah’s Information Security Management Center has acquired over the last few months, reinforces our uniqueness in the local telecom market and our leadership in the field,” he said. “Since its inception, Umniah has achieved major milestones which have reflected our efforts to develop various information security products and services to meet the needs of our customers and help them protect their businesses from cyberattacks that may affect the performance, services and their corporate reputation. Meanwhile, we strive to maintain high-levels of customers’ satisfaction with best-in-class solutions,” Shatara added. Shatara also said that Umniah’s managed security services are comprehensive and easy to implement in two phases. The first phase involves early detection of security threats, while the second phase involves prevention by assessing the danger of potential threats and addressing them and other intrusion incidents with a quick response. Umniah’s MSSP services include DDoS, intrusion testing services, security information and incidence management, vulnerability protection, E-application protection service, U-Secure Corporate Security, Business Information Tracking, Malware Protection, and Enhanced Firewall Service. Shatara also praised Fortinet, founded in 2000 in California, for its strong presence in global markets, providing managed security service providers with flexible, high-performance security solutions that are easy to manage and can meet corporate requirements.