Cooperation Agreement between the Jordanian Engineers Association and Umniah

Cooperation Agreement between the Jordanian Engineers Association and Umniah Amman, 10 September 2019 The Jordanian Engineers Association and Umniah have renewed their cooperation agreement aimed at providing a range of telecommunication and Internet services to engineers. The Vice President of the Jordanian Engineers Association, Eng. Fawzi Mosaad, expressed the Association’s pride in the partnership with Umniah and for its achievements, emphasizing its marked role within the Jordanian community. He pointed out that the company provides many services in various fields and plays a crucial role in fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility. He further emphasized the need to find different areas of collaboration to keep pace with global developments regarding cyber security and other areas that contribute to the development of engineers, in addition to training and qualifying them to find jobs within and outside of Jordan. For his part, Umniah CEO Ziad Shatara affirmed his pride in this partnership that began in 2011 that reflects Umniah's keenness to sustain the partnership and communicate with the Jordanian Engineers Association and its employees that exceed 164 thousand engineers. Shatara stressed that Umniah continually endeavors to provide the best services and offers to Jordanian engineers to enrich their experiences and help them to advance their projects to the fullest. He pointed out that the company constantly works towards staying connected with all its customers, both individuals and companies, in the various sectors. Dr. Malek Al-Amayreh, Member of the Association’s Council and Chairman of the Electrical Engineering Division, called for discussing various cooperation aspects to increase the training opportunities for engineers in the fields of data science, artificial intelligence, cyber security, nanotechnology and other fields that have become major global trends. The Association’s Secretary-General, Eng. Mohammed Abu Afifa, stated that by signing this agreement, the Association is demonstrating its interest in developing its various services, especially the electronic ones through this partnership. He further emphasized that Umniah is considered to be one of the largest telecom operators serving a large segment of engineers. In addition, Abu Afifa pointed to the need to strengthen the subject of training and qualification of engineers with different topics in order to enhance their abilities in various fields. The agreement was signed by Umniah CEO, Ziad Shatara and the Vice President of the Jordanian Engineers Association, Eng. Fawzi Mosaad, in the presence of Association members Eng. Mohammed Al-Mahameed, Dr. Malek Al-Amayreh, the Secretary -General of the Association Eng. Mohammed Abu Afifa, as well as a number of senior employees and officials from both sides. Under the agreement, Umniah will offer a range of special offers for mobile lines, home internet, mobile internet, fiber and landline to Association members. Earlier this year, the Jordan Engineers Association and in partnership with Umniah Cyber Security Academy, conducted and implemented training courses in the field of cyber security for its members to raise awareness amongst them around the cyber threats that have witnessed steady growth over the past few years. -End-