Batelco Holds a Workshop on Digital Transformation at The Tank

January xx, 2018 – Amman, Jordan: Batelco Group recently conducted a workshop entitled "Digital Transformation" at Umniah’s entrepreneurship and innovation center, The Tank, in King Hussein Business Complex. Representatives of the Bahrain-based Batelco Group, as well as team members from the company’s subsidiaries and affiliates, participated in this annual workshop, which also saw the involvement of experts and specialists in the information technology sector. This strategic initiative by Batelco Group comes as part of the digital transformations by local governments that are directly in line with international and strategic trends, and focused on three main themes, including digital transformation plans by the Batelco Group, the digitization of customer interaction and improving their experience, as well as the use of artificial analysis and intelligence in improving and facilitating customer service; developing entrepreneurship in the Internet of Things, content, entertainment, smart cities, cloud services, and electronic health and education; and digital spheres that fulfill the needs of company customers and the prosperity of local economies. Speaking at the workshop, Umniah's CEO Ziad Shatara said, "We are proud to host this significant workshop at The Tank, which comes at a time of radical digital transformation, and we look forward to discussing the opportunities and challenges that face this revolution for private sector companies and the communications and information technology sector." Shatara spoke of Umniah's pioneering role in digital transformation, with the company relentlessly working to implement cutting-edge digital services through its website and social communication platforms, as well as through early investment in electronic security services, cloud services, Internet of Things, electronic payments and electronic tracking services, stressing the importance of focusing on and investing in beneficial content for users. Chief Digital Officer for Batelco Group Karan Ponnudurai noted the radical and tangible changes made by digital transformation in a number of spheres, particularly the communications sector, highlighting the fact that Batelco has adopted a long-term digital strategy that emphasizes the potential positive effects of digitization on company growth and customer experiences. Ponnudurai explained, "Selecting Umniah's The Tank to host the workshop shows Batelco’s appreciation of the center's role as an incubator for startup companies and pioneering technology-oriented projects in Jordan." At the workshop’s conclusion, were able to enjoy leisure time that included touring some of Jordan’s spectacular touristic sites. - End-