2 million JD Total Contributions of Umniah Toward Social Responsibility in 2020

Al-Ibrahim: social responsibility programs for Umniah are based on investing in the development and enhancement of human capabilities.


Zaid Al-Ibrahim, Umniah’s marketing director, revealed that last year's total contributions of Umniah towards social responsibility reached two million Jordanian dinars. The contributions went towards empowering and enabling both governmental and non-governmental institutions that function in different sectors and areas, like humanitarian organizations, charities, athletic foundations and environmental establishments. Funding also targeted empowering various segments of the Jordanian community focusing on the health and education sectors.


Despite the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Umniah remained committed to these contributions based on its corporate duty and responsibility to the Jordanian community. This, along with its efforts to preserve the property and assets of Jordan to protect them against the effects of the pandemic experienced by all countries of the world.


Al-Ibrahim clarified in an interview with Jordan news agency (Petra) that one of the reasons for Umniah’s success at the community, investment and economic levels was its social responsibility programs. These generally focused on the development of human capabilities and partnerships between Umniah and the government, charities and humanitarian organizations.


Regarding the expenditure of these contributions, Al-Ibrahim stated that throughout the pandemic, Umniah has been continuously implementing its social responsibility strategy. This is based on fulfilling the obligations of government, youth, and sports agencies, in correspondence to the priorities and needs of society. He clarified that in these exceptional circumstances, Umniah decided that the health sector required the most protection. Therefore, the majority of financial support has been directed to supporting the government and Ministry of Health to reduce the effects of the pandemic, including the donation of ventilators for those who have been infected with the virus. Umniah has also succeeded in encouraging its customers to donate, through its umnicoin loyalty program, to national institutions, charities, and humanitarian organizations including the Ministry of Health, Himmat Watan Fund, and Himmetna initiative to support health centers in Jordan.


As for education, Al-Ibrahim said that Umniah accords high priority to the education sector due to its pivotal role in creating comprehensive and sustainable development. He indicated that over the past years, Umniah has devoted a large part of its social responsibility program contributions to the development and advancement of the education sector. During the pandemic, Umniah supported the Ministry of Education’s socially distanced learning efforts by providing schools’ access to Darsak online platform. Umniah has also contributed to supporting the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship (MoDEE) by producing educational content and harnessing its advanced technology toward improving the quality and content of learning materials based on the rapid changes in the education and technology sectors. Umniah also provides free internet and browsing services for university examinations and orientation preparation via Darsak and JUNet platforms.


Al-Ibrahim highlighted that Umniah continued supporting Edraak platform, which was available free for all age groups to access. Additionally, Umniah collaborated with the Royal Health Awareness Society (RHAS) to implement a five-year initiative that supports five public schools in Zarqa and Irbid. The initiative aims to encourage positive behavior in students by fostering a safe and healthy learning environment despite the shift from in-person to online schooling.


In relation to youth empowerment, Umniah is one of the most effective companies in training and enabling young people for their professional careers. Its Youth Unit, which was founded seven years ago, has had over 400 student graduates. It also provides a comfortable and suitable business environment for entrepreneurs and startups through The Tank, its business incubator. It has played a central role in stimulating Jordan’s entrepreneurial growth by hosting global seminars and virtual conferences which encourage the participation of young businesses.


Through its partnership with Nahno two years ago, Al-Ibrahim emphasized that Umniah had around 300 volunteers participating in various community initiatives. They carried out 8750 hours of volunteer work, ranking Umniah among the top three private sector volunteering companies in Jordan.


In 2019, Umniah carried out the social, economic and environmental project of creating one of the largest solar farms in the local market, with an investment volume of 26 million dinars. As a result, Umniah has also provided 233 jobs in Al-Mafraq, Hallabat, Al-Daleel, and Al-Azraq along with other indirect employment opportunities. The solar farms generated about 20 gigawatts which allowed for the offset of 11.5 kilotons of CO2, reflecting the positive benefits of this project on the environment.


Considering sports clubs, Al-Ibrahim mentioned that last year, Umniah continued to implement its signed agreements with Al-Wehdat and Al-Faisaly for the third consecutive year. The treasury of the clubs received over 1 million JD, through sharing the proceeds achieved from selling the lines of these two teams, which in return supports the efforts of these clubs, which has recently culminated in Al-Wehdat’s winning of the Jordanian Pro League for the 17th consecutive time.


In relation to “Umniah Al-Khair" program, which takes place during the month of Ramadan was fully dedicated to supporting the “Their Daily Wage Is on Us” initiative in collaboration with Naua—a Crown Prince Foundation initiative. Through Umniah’s UWallet application 2500 daily workers registered at the National Registry of the Ministry of Social Development benefited from the initiative. The wallet enabled workers to receive money enough to fulfill their family needs during Ramadan. Umniah also carried out various other campaigns and initiatives throughout the year to support individuals and families in need.


Al-Ibrahim also noted that Umniah is at the center of community empowerment. At the beginning of 2020, Umniah delivered a donation to the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF), which contributed to the Martyr’s Families Fund. This brought the total amount the company has donated so far to 150,000 JODs over a period of three years.


Umniah has played a vital role in developing the skills and enhancing the capabilities of students in the realm of cybersecurity. Its Cyber Security Academy resumed its program in October of 2020. In cooperation with the Center for Consulting and Continuous Education at the Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Umniah offered an introductory course exclusively for the university’s students on information security. The Academy has also signed an agreement with the Jordanian Engineers Association to provide the graduates of this program with training opportunities in cybersecurity. This will develop their skills and qualify them for careers in the market.


Al-Ibrahim went on to say that Naua—a Crown Prince Foundation initiative—released a report in 2019 showing that Umniah is the leading company for supporting the healthcare sector. The company also ranked third best in charitable work and assistance through supporting humanitarian Jordanian institutions. The report detailed how Umniah has been able to directly impact the lives of 100,000 people in the Kingdom through supporting all programs financed by Naua.


Looking towards Umniah’s future plans, Al-Ibrahim confirmed that the company will continue to implement its social programs and empower Jordanian groups. Its commitment to the health and education sectors, fighting poverty and unemployment. Also, Umniah will continue its aid on an economic level, when this year, it will sign strategic agreements for development and renewal on its network.