Data Transfer

Transferring data to friends & family is now easy

Transferring data to friends & family is now easy. You can send data balance to anyone with an Umniah number, with 100MB via USSD Menu dial *888#

The flexibility and value that comes with the Data Balance Transfer service are unmatched:
  • Transfer from your own data balance to any Umniah number
  • Help your Friends & Family if they run out of data anytime
  • Do a quick one step confirmation over USSD *888# to transfer easily
  • Each 100MB data costs 0.40JD
  • Transferring 100MB data from an eligible monthly plan will incur a Transfer Fee of 0.40JD
  • Transfer 100MB, with upper limit of 5 times.
  • Transferred data will have a fixed validity of 10 days, and will be consumed before any other regular data allowance
  • Transfers will be accepted as long as remaining allowance doesn’t dip below 100MB in the sender's plan
  • Transfer Data via USSD Menu dial *888#

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