e-payments services

Save your time and enjoy free GB

Save your time and enjoy free GB when you pay your Evo Home, Evo 4G/3G & Postpaid Residential GSM lines.


You will enjoy:
  • Evo Home: 25GB
  • Evo 4G/3G: 10GB
  • Postpaid residential GSM: 1GB

Efawateercom service via Jordanian Banks online banking:
Bank Name
Arab Bank (ARAB)
Arab Banking Corporation (ABCJ)
Arab Jordan Investment Bank (AJIB)
Audi Bank/Jordan (AUDB)
Bank Of Jordan PLC (BJOR)
Bloom Bank
Cairo Amman Bank
Capital Bank
Egyptian Arab Land Bank (ARLB)
InvestBank (JIFB)
Islamic International Arab Bank PLC (IIBA
Ahli Bank
Jordan commercial Bank (JGBA)
Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank (JDIB)
Jordan Islamic Bank (JIBA)
Jordan Kuwait Bank (JKBA)
National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD)
National Bank of Kuwait – Jordan (NBOK)
Rajhi Bank (RGHI)
Societe Generale De Banque-Jordanie (SGME)
Standard Chartered (SCBL)
The Housing Bank For Trade & Finance (HBHO)
Islamic International Arab bank
Invest Bank
Bank ABC

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