404 Menu

404 Promotions are designed especially for U! With 404 you are always a winner!

You can access 404 Promotions through the below channels:
  • *404# menu on your phone.
  • Special Promotions screen in Umniah App.
  • Call 1333 ( from outside Umniah network call 0788001333).
  • Visit Umniah shops.

404 promotions are unique for each customer.

404 promotions are for limited period and change frequently

Other Promotions on 404:




  • Special 404 Snow Bundle:

    • 30 GB for 2 JOD, valid for 5 days!
    • 10 GB Social Media Bundle

** Bundle is available on *404# Menu through:

  • Umniah Application
  • Umniah Shops
  • Customer Service

** The offer is available for a limited period.

** This offer is available to targeted GSM prepaid subscribers only


  • 404 data bundles “Use it Later”

    • Now you can buy your favorite daily data bundle, and use it during Friday.
    • Bundle price will be deducted on the day you purchase it, while you can use it only during Friday.
    • This offer is available to targeted GSM prepaid subscribers only.


  • Get 2 extra GB when you purchase any bundle valid for 5 or 7 days.

    • Promotion period: 30-10-2020
    • 2 extra GBs will be added for free when you purchase a bundle valid for 7 or 5 days through *404# menu only.
    • Extra GBs will not be added when purchasing the bundle through Umniah application, or Customer Care.
    • The extra GB validity is the same as the main bundle validity.
    • This offer is for targeted GSM prepaid subscribers.


  • 404 Double CAP through Umniah App

    • You double the CAP for your data bundles on 404 when you purchase it through Umniah mobile Application, special promotions screen.
    • The offer for Data bundles
    • The validity of the bundle and the price will stay the same.
    • This offer is only for GSM prepaid and Postpaid subscribers, corporate lines are excluded from the offer.


  • 5 daily umnicoin

    • Umniah’s customers can get 5 umnicoin as a Ramadan daily reward when they enter *404# menu.
    • Customer can get the daily reward once a day.


  • Gift Bundle – 1 GB

    • With our 404 gift bundle, you can now buy internet bundles for your friends and beloved ones. Dial *404# and choose “Gift Bundle”
    • Bundle price is 0.50 JOD, valid for one week from date of purchase
    • The bundle is designed to be gifted to another subscriber only; the customer can’t benefit from it
    • This bundle is designed for prepaid subscriber only
    • Government and some corporate lines are not eligible to this offer

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