The More You Collect, The More You Earn

Our loyalty rewards program, UCoin, has been completely redesigned to give you more. More benefits, more choices, more services and more partners. The more you spend on your line, engage with our social media channels, the more benefits and UCoins you gain, which you can then redeem for services and discounts from us or our partners. The more UCoins you earn, the more valuable your rewards will be.
UCoin Levels:
Level Gain Expiry Months
Bronze 0-9,999 12
Silver 10,000-24,999 18
Gold 25,000+ 24


Discounts with UCoin
With UCoin, subscribers who have reached Silver and Gold status, have access to exclusive discounts from our partners, which means that the more you spend, the more you save!
Ucoin Categories
All the UCoin you have saved up can be used to buy bundles, pay bills or recharge lines, or can be redeemed for services and products from approved Umniah partners.
Umniah Services: 

Customers can redeem their UCoins to buy bundles, pay their bills and recharge their lines.


Umniah Partners: 

Customers can redeem their UCoins to purchase products or services from approved Umniah partners.


Earn More! 

UCoin now has exciting new features that allow you to earn more while having fun. Just tag us on our social media channels, hit your 10,000-step goal for the day, invite your friends to join the program and both of you will earn 500 UCoin each or score over 3500 points when playing Pacman.

  • Like Facebook/Instagram Hashtag = 10 UCoin
  • Share Facebook = 50 UCoin
  • Steps feature = 50 UCoin/10,000+Steps
  • Pacman = Score 3,500 points and get 50 UCoin
  • Invite a friend = 500 UCoin each for you and your friend


Cash out your UCoin: 

You can also convert your UCoin into cash through UWallet by:

  • Registering on UWallet and waiting for a confirmation message
  • Making sure you have at least 24,500 UCoins
  • Cashing out at least 24,500 UCoin to your UWallet


Terms and Conditions:
  • Umniah has the right to end/or amend the program and the terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice.
  • Prepaid customers can earn UCoins every 24 hours for any transactions, including monthly renewals, bundle purchasing, etc.
  • Postpaid customers earn their UCoin on the seventh of the following month for any transactions, including bill payments, bundle purchasing, etc.
  • Postpaid lines must pay all the bills on the account to earn UCoins.
  • UCoins remain valid even if the line is suspended or disabled but cannot be redeemed on a disconnected line.
  • Earn more UCoins by recharging your prepaid line or paying your postpaid bill through UWallet, eFAWATEERcom, the Umniah app or on Umniah’s website.
  • If the line is transferred to another owner, all available UCoin become null and void.
  • Click here for the terms and conditions of the online gift vouchers program.

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