Postpaid roaming

Roam with Umniah with a very attractive roaming rates abroad

Activate your Roaming Service:

Roam with Umniah with a very attractive roaming rates abroad. All you have to do is visit Umniah shop to activate our Roaming Service, there are no connection fees or monthly charges for you to set up your phone to use it abroad, but setting up a connection is subject to a deposit. You will only need to subscribe to the service once to be able to use your phone at all times when abroad.

Make Outgoing call :

To make a roaming call within the local visited network, simply dial the area code followed by the telephone number.

Example: Calling UK number while roaming in UK  +44XXXXX

To make an international call within the network, dial the international access code, country code, and area code followed by the telephone number, you can visit our App to check our attractive roaming prices through

Incoming Calls :

Now, All of you postpaid customers can enjoy an extremely reduced roaming rates for incoming calls, with only 10 piasters while roaming with almost all operators all over the world.


The following Packages Receive calls Free of Charge while roaming all over the world :

  • Uline 60
  • Uline 160
  • Uline 60 Plus
  • Uline 60 Plus Extra

SMS roaming :

is activated by default for all Umniah customers.

Select the network :

You have to go to your handset’s network settings and choose one from the list provided. If the automatically selected network does not have a roaming agreement, this might be a better option for you.

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