UWallet is a new trademark electronic wallet service for mobile phones that offers a safe and effective way to make immediate financial transactions electronically, including making payments, transferring funds and making purchases on the spot, all using your mobile phone. This will reduce the need to carry cash and eliminate the risk of losing it, along with numerous other benefits. The service is also valuable to individuals with no access to traditional banking services, making an account with UWallet a safe and financial-effective option for mobile phone users. Money is safely stored in a virtual electronic wallet, which is unique to each phone number, meaning that the account number of the UWallet is the mobile phone number of the user.

Anyone who has an account with any mobile phone service provider, whether Umniah or any of the other local providers, is eligible to open a UWallet account, including all Jordanians, non-Jordanians, tourists, refugees and minors through their guardians.

No, there is no need to have a bank account. All you need is your mobile phone to make all financial transactions.

Yes, all Android and iOS mobile phones support the UWallet account.

There are no differences, only the name has been changed.

Do not worry! Your funds and all your information are safe with us. In order to use the services through the new application, please verify your information through the following link yyy.yyy, which will allow us to send you a password to access the new UWallet application.

The application is available in Arabic and English, depending on the language settings of the device.

Just press on the Forgot Password option, and the application will guide you through the steps required to get a new one.

  • To change your PIN code, through the main menu of the application, choose Settings, then select Change Pin. You will be asked to enter the old PIN code, and then the new one twice, and verify the request. You will then receive an SMS with the new PIN code.
  • If you forget your PIN code, on the main menu of the application, choose Settings, and then Forgot Pin, and follow the instructions on the screen.

When you enter the wrong PIN code three consecutive times, the PIN code will be blocked. You will then have to visit the Customer Service Department to reactivate it, and unblock your account.

Download the application on your new phone, and enter using your phone number and password.

You can download it again and secure it with your password.

You can register three different ways.

  • Download the app online through the following link.


  • Register online using the following link:


No, there are no fees required to open a UWallet account. It is free of charge and there is no minimum amount that needs to be deposited. Also, there will be no fees imposed for low balances or deposits.

With the UWallet account you can:

  • Deposit and withdraw money to and from UWallet
  • Transfer money from UWallet to other electronic wallets (from one person to another)
  • Transfer money from UWallet to service and utilities providers (water, electricity, telecommunications, etc.)
  • Transfer money to various government organizations (taxes, fees, real estate taxes, penalties, etc.)
  • Transfer money from UWallet to businesses and commercial establishments (points of sale, gas, travel and tourism, etc.)
  • Pay bills through eFawateercom

To deposit money, visit one of Umniah’s nationwide showrooms or through currency exchange companies that offer the UWallet service. This is done in the following manner:

  • Provide the employee with the phone number associated with your wallet, and the amount you wish to deposit.
  • Fill in the deposit form and sign it.
  • The employee will deposit the required amount in your wallet through the UWallet system.
  • You will receive an SMS with the deposit information and the new balance in your wallet. You could also monitor all your financial transactions through the UWallet app.

The maximum amount is JD1000 for one deposit transaction, with unlimited monthly transactions.

No there is no minimum for the amounts that you can deposit or withdraw, and the balance of the UWallet can be zero.

  • Check your balance through the UWallet app at any time by simply clicking on the Balance icon.
  • Or you can check your balance by visiting any authorized UWallet agent.

This can be done from any Umniah showroom, currency exchange companies or stores that offer the UWallet service. The UWallet subscriber will need to present their ID card/passport, and provide the phone number associated with the account.

  • Give the employee the phone number associated with your UWallet account, and the amount to be withdrawn.
  • Fill in and sign the cash withdrawal form.
  • The employee will withdraw the amount requested from your account, and you will receive an SMS containing an OTP that should be given to the employee in order to verify that you are rightful owner of the wallet.
  • The employee will complete the process of withdrawing the amount and will hand it over to you.
  • You will receive an SMS informing you of the transaction and the new balance, which will also reflect the fees deducted.

Through any Cairo Amman Bank or Jordan Kuwait Bank ATM machine via the card-less withdrawal option.

  • Access the UWallet application
  • Choose the Withdraw Cash from ATM option and enter the OPT that you receive via SMS.
  • At the ATM machine, choose the Card-less Services option.
  • Then select UWallet or Mobile Phone Services.
  • Enter the phone number associated with the UWallet account
  • Enter the password sent to you via SMS.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, bearing in mind that fees will be deducted from the new balance
  • You will then receive an SMS informing you of the withdrawal transaction.


Through a UWallet MasterCard via any local or international ATM.

  • As long as there are enough funds in the wallet, you can withdraw a maximum of JD1000 either from an Umniah showroom or from a currency exchange company that provides the UWallet services each time.
  • For ATM withdrawals, the daily limit is JD500.
  • The ceiling for all transactions is constantly being amended, as per instructions from the Central Bank of Jordan, so kindly check the Umniah website for the latest updates.

Using the UWallet application:

  • After entering the password for your account, go to the app’s main menu and select Money Transfer.
  • In the Money Transfer option, a box will appear, in which you enter the number of the person who you want to receive the transfer, as well as a box where must enter the amount you want to send in Jordanian dinars. Once you have filled in the two boxes, verify the transaction by pressing Continue.
  • A screen will pop up with a summary of the transaction. To continue, enter your PIN code, which is made up of four numbers.

When the transfer is completed successfully, you will receive an SMS informing you of the transaction and the new UWallet balance, with the fees already deducted from it.

  • You can pay for purchases from any authorized company or store that offers the UWallet service and has the UWallet logo clearly displayed at their entrance, including their UWallet number, which will be used to transfer funds from your wallet to the merchant’s wallet (person to merchant) or from your wallet to the company (person to business) using the UWallet application.
  • Soon, you will also be able to pay through the points of sale available in participating shops by entering the phone number associated with your wallet with the PIN code, and the required amount.
  • You can also pay for more than 300 services through eFawateercom, which is available on the UWallet application.
  • Pay using your UWallet MasterCard, which can be used at various points of sale both locally and internationally.

Payment, transfers and purchases are immediate, and you will receive an SMS within seconds informing you of each transaction that has been successfully completed. The SMS will include the details of your transaction, the new balance, as well as any fees that have been deducted. You can also see your transaction history on the UWallet app.

A UWallet representative can help you by examining your wallet’s information record on the system, and alternatively, you can also check your transaction history on the UWallet app.

Yes, there are clear and applicable ceilings that are dictated by the Central Bank of Jordan for each transaction using UWallet. Please see the table below, bearing in mind that these ceilings are updated periodically.



Ceiling / Transaction

In JDs

Cash-in to the wallet

JD1000 per transaction

Cash-out from Umniah showroom or currency exchange companies that offer UWallet services

JD1000 per transaction

Cash withdrawals through local ATM machines

JD500 daily

Transfer from person to person, merchant or business

JD500 per transaction

Transfer from merchant to person, merchant, or business

JD500 per transaction

Salary transfer from a business to person

JD1000 per transaction

Loan transfer from businesses to person

JD3000 per transaction

Transfer from businesses to merchant

JD500 per transaction

Card-less cash withdrawal through local ATMs

JD500 daily

Payment through the eFawateercom system


There are no monthly or annual fees, only the fees and commissions that are deducted for withdrawals, bill payments, purchases, and transfers from one wallet to another. When a transaction is made, the fee will be shown on the UWallet app.

As per the instruction by the Central Bank of Jordan, you may only have two UWallet accounts, and each account must have a separate phone number associated with it.

The person who made the transactions is solely responsible for them, since they entered the number of the recipient’s wallet, the amount to be transferred, and then went through the verification process to complete the transaction using the PIN code. Therefore, before complete any transaction, please verify that all the information entered is correct.

Your money is completely secure in your UWallet account, with safety features including a distinctive PIN code entered for each payment or a transfer. There is also a record of all the transactions

  • conducted through each UWallet account at the Central Bank of Jordan, which guarantees the highest possible levels of security.
  • As long as your PIN code is private, unique and not known to anyone else, then your UWallet account is safe and impenetrable.
  • If you suspect that someone knows your PIN code, and may have revealed it to someone else, change it through the UWallet app on your mobile phone. Also call the UWallet customer service center to check your most recent transactions on your account.

If you change your mobile phone number, you will have to open a new account for the new number through an authorized UWallet agent. The authorized UWallet agent can then transfer the funds from the account associated with your old number to the new one. You will have to fill out a form requesting that the account associated with the old number is closed once all the funds are transferred to the new account.

  • First, contact the UWallet customer service center or visit the showroom where you opened your UWallet account to report the theft and freeze the account.
  • Once you have a new phone, download the UWallet app and reactivate your account at any Umniah showrooms. Be sure to have a valid ID so that your identity can be verified and the account can be activated.  

  • It is always better to ensure the phone number associated with your UWallet is operational, since all transactions and processes require that you receive an SMS, either as notification, as verification of a transaction, to send a transaction number, or to send an OTP.
  • Therefore, if the number is not operational, then the ability to conduct transactions will be very limited, especially those that require information to be sent via SMS.
  • If you change your phone number, then fill in a form asking for the cancellation of the wallet associated with your old number, after emptying out the funds, and open another account linked to your new phone number at any Umniah showrooms.

Yes, you can use the UWallet app on your mobile phone to make transfers and to pay bills. Just be sure that the number associated with the wallet is fully operational.

To close your UWallet account, visit the showroom where you opened the account, fill out a form requesting the closure of the UWallet account, and if there are any finds in the wallet, make sure that they have been withdrawn or transferred.