Umniah Services & General Informations


Of course, dial *1333#, then select “Mobile Services” then select “Services” then “Additional Services”


A free and self-operated comprehensive menu consists of many services and inquiries where customers can get help for their mobile and internet lines

Dial *1333#, then select “Mobile Services” then select “Services” then “Additional Services”.

Dial *888#, then select “Inquire about device and SIM”

It is a fixed line service that operates on Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, which uses internet connectivity instead of conventional landlines. You can subscribe by visiting the nearest Umniah Shop

You can:

  • Visit our website
  • Follow us on social media platforms
  • Through the Umniah app

  • For Jordanian Nationals (ID Card or a military assignment certificate)
  • For Palestinian Nationals – Gaza (ID Card or Passport)
  • For Foreigners:
  • Passport + work permit
  • Passport + Residency
  • Passport + Visa
  • Security Clearance

*Both parties must be present (no fees will be charged)

  • Dial *1333# from another phone, then select “Mobile Services” then select “Services” then select “General Services”. You must have your line’s pin number
  • You can also disconnect it from your account on The Umniah app and website (if the number is already added to your account)

Dial *1333#, then select “Mobile Services” then select “Services” then select “General Services”, then select “Create / Modify Pin Number)

We will create a new SIM card with the same number our Shops (after paying renewal fees)

You can find all our shops by clicking here, or through Umniah App

  • Dial *1333#, then select “Internet Services” then select “Mobile Internet”
  • Dial *888#
  • Register your number to your account through Umniah App or Umniah Website

Call us on 1345 from any Umniah line

eFAWATEERcom is an electronic payment service that allows you to pay your bills (mobile, , utilities, others) as well as recharging your pre-paid lines whenever you want, wherever you are.

  • Register as a new user by clicking “Sign up” (use your Umniah phone number)
  • Log in by entering your phone number and password then click “Log in”
  • Sign up using Facebook, Google+, or twitter
  • Navigate the app as a guest. You can pay your bills, recharge your account, and discover Umniah’s latest products and services

  • Visit
  • Click on the “Register” icon
  • Fill all your information (username, real name, Umniah phone number, etc.)

Through “You Change and we’ll tell” service from Umniah, contacts will be notified that you changed your number when they call you. Dial *1333# from your new number then select “Mobile Services” then “Services” Services” then follow the instructions for for free

This service allows you to know who called you when your phone was turned off or out of reach or busy. You can subscribe by sending “On” to 98001.

Each SMS costs 6 for prepaid lines and 2 JD monthly for postpaid lines

You can also use the service on demand by *11# (6 piasters per message)