Maintenance on our Network

From time to time we need to do maintenance to fix and improve our service, if you’re experiencing a problem with the network please use our Coverage Map


Signal Blackspots Explained:

Whatever network you’re on, your Mobil signal can sometimes be less than perfect. But mobile signal issues aren’t always caused by how far you are from the nearest mobile phone mast.

Sometimes they happen because of the location of the building you’re in, or the building itself. We call these areas ‘black-spots’ and all mobile phone networks around the world suffer from them. You can experience them whenever you are, even in cities with lots of mobile masts.

  • Your Location

If you’re a long way from a mobile phone mast, your signal might be weaker.

  • Your Environment

Buildings, hills and living in a basement or tower block can all block mobile signals.

  • Your phone

A low battery or out of dates software can affect how your phone interacts with or network.

At first glance, it may not seem like all this has a ton of applicability to your day-to-day life. But Yes, Mobile phone signals do get affected due to bad weather conditions. Now, when these wireless channel encounters the bad weather then following are some parameters that can cause problems in reception of a call, Dense cloud, thunder &lightning, temperature, humidity etc.

Factors of which number of users connected can be the reason that affects the coverage.

  • Peak Time: the time of day when many of people use the same service at the same time.
  • Time of Calling: in the special occasions where many people use the same service for example official holidays and Eid days

For example, if you are using an IP TV and watching a show, a speed test would show a poor result.