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About Umniah

We love bringing people together, redefining possibilities, and enriching experiences that exceed expectations.

Today’s technology has brought us all together in unimaginable ways, allowing families and loved ones to stay connected instantly and with unprecedented ease. Meanwhile, transactions, education, research, and even entertainment are now only a swipe away. It is truly a great time to be alive.

At Umniah, we believe that providing our communities with these technologies and making them more accessible, sustainable, and cost-effective will enhance the foundations needed to significantly enrich people’s daily lives while facilitating social progress and development.

Umniah team

Our Brand

We entered the Jordanian market in 2005 with the aim of making connectivity and technology available to everyone, with a focus on youth.

Over the years, as a subsidiary of Bahrain’s BEYON Group, we have sought to deliver an array of solutions that transform the way technology fits into the daily lives of people. Our commitment to providing the latest developments and innovations in the world of communications has allowed us to become one of the region’s fastest-growing telecommunications providers.

We work tirelessly to make technology more accessible, affordable, and reliable for countless communities throughout Jordan, cultivating a loyal customer base of around three million customers in one of the region’s most competitive markets.

Today, we are spearheading the digital revolution in the country, with an emphasis on core technologies like mobile productivity, security, cloud computing, and mobile payments, to name a few. We continue to push the limits of digital technologies that enhance day-to-day experiences, such as smart home automation, security systems, and digital financial services.

We love getting there first — not for the novelty, but because it pushes us to find innovative solutions to problems standing in the way of progress. We were consistently the first to introduce pioneering communication technologies that effectively made broadband connectivity available for both personal and enterprise use. We were the first operator to launch 5G technology in Jordan, covering Jordan’s three major governorates: Irbid, Zarqa, and Amman, enabling individuals and enterprises to experience new technological heights.

Since our launch, one of our primary goals has been to make cutting-edge technologies more accessible to consumers without compromising on reliability and the user experience — the core pillars of digital technology.


We believe in young people and the potential they carry for transformative change

We knew from the beginning that our hopes for an interconnected world rest with our youth, who see the world not as it is but as it should be. This is why we chose to deliver smart, creative, and affordable solutions that speak to the needs of young people, all the while investing hundreds of millions in the development of our 5G, fiber, 4G, and LTE Fixed networks to continuously support these solutions. As a result, we reached more new customers than ever before, helping them transform the way they connect with what matters to them.

We contribute to the prosperity and competitiveness of the Jordanian business community.

Our clients, whether individuals or companies, are at the forefront of our list of concerns. Therefore, UBusiness works to build strategic partnerships and provide corporate solutions tailored to their needs, enabling them to improve their productivity, increase the profitability of their organizations, and enhance their competitiveness in the local and regional markets.

We rose to the challenges of cybersecurity.

After redefining the standards of telecom, we sought to address one of the growing challenges of our time: cybersecurity. This led to the launch of Umniah’s Security Operations Center (SOC), which has helped countless organizations to better monitor their IT infrastructure and prevent potential threats. All of these services are managed in partnership with major organizations in the information security industry. We also introduced the first Tier III Design and Constructed Facility data center in Jordan, certified by the Uptime Institute, to deliver a colocation facility with high availability and a safe environment, delivering yet another asset to Jordan growing business scene.

We strive to re-imagine the foundations and prospects of numerous sectors

In 2019, we turned our attention to redefining the power sector in Jordan. We partnered with the Jordan Electric Power Company (JEPCO) to establish a large-scale fiber optic network servicing areas operated by the company, delivering wholesale high-bandwidth Internet services to almost 1.4 million homes and businesses, and this number continues to rise. This partnership has reshaped a wide array of core industries, including education, health, and innovation.

We consistently seek innovation in Jordan

In light of the numerous challenges facing our local economy and the pressing need for more innovative ideas and solutions, we focused on entrepreneurs and emerging companies, establishing “The Tank”, our entrepreneurship and innovation incubator, to serve as an open and dynamic platform to guide and support entrepreneurs in Jordan.

Since its establishment, “The Tank” has proven its unprecedented positive impact on the development and advancement of start-ups in the country through partnerships with business acceleration programs, companies, and investors.

We Love interacting with our subscribers

Our loyalty rewards program, UCoin, is designed to give our subscribers more benefits, options, services, and partners. The more subscribers spend, the more UCoins they collect, which can later be exchanged for services and discounts.

We have also connected the rewards program to actions that promote sustainability, where users can earn more points by making donations, paying bills, and even playing games.

We strive to protect our planet for future generations.

The environment has always been one of our top priorities, and recent global developments have prompted us to put it at the forefront of our sustainability strategy, which is based on three pillars: the environment, community, and corporate governance.

Through our sustainability programs, we seek to engage and educate all our subscribers and the local community about the critical environmental challenges we face today, encouraging them to become positive influencers in this field.

This commitment is reflected in our operations, which have become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. In 2021, we succeeded in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by increasing our reliance on renewable energy sources by 70% compared to the previous year.

We care about our communities

At Umniah, we also play a major role in the field of corporate social responsibility by providing support, assistance, launching campaigns and harnessing our expertise to support education, health, sports, and much more in Jordan.

We work hard to excel.

Our relentless efforts to redefine the essential aspects of modern businesses have resulted in us being named the fastest-growing telecom company in Jordan at the International Business Awards 2019. We also came in second place for best use of a mobile application at the Gulf Customer Experience Awards in 2018. We were the first Jordanian company to obtain the ISO 10001:2018 in Quality Management System - Customer Satisfaction, and the ISO 2012:22301 for Business Continuity Management in 2020. We were also classified among the best managed information security providers (MSSP) by Fortinet in 2018, a global leader in providing high-performance solutions for enterprise network security. Additionally, we received the award for the fastest network in Jordan with global accreditation from the leading global broadband speed tester Ookla in 2016 and 2021. We will continue to employ our expertise and enhance our techniques in order to play a bigger role in the Kingdom’s rapidly growing digital transformation process. For more information, and to view our products, services, and efforts in supporting sustainability, visit our website at www.umniah.com, our e-store shop at www.eshop.umniah.com, and our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Alternatively, you can call Umniah at 078 800 1333.

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