Umniah VDI

The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a virtual workspace that provides virtual desktops, including their entire necessary supporting infrastructure such as the operating system, desktop environment, applications, data and IT services — all rolled into a single, cloud-based solution.

Umniah takes full responsibility for hosting and maintaining desktops, storage, infrastructure, applications, and software licenses needed to provide the desktop service in return for a fixed monthly or annual fee. Service can be accessed using any internet-capable PC or mobile/tablet device, in addition to special endpoints (thin clients).

Service Benefits:

  • Minimal Investment & Predictable OpEx model
    Minimal investment to increase number of computers comparing number of users.

  • No commitment
    The service can be delivered without any commitment, thus minimizing your investment risk and allowing significant protection by making it easy to terminate unused resources. This feature will give startups the ability to work easily and use the latest devices with high-speed specifications to enable them to do business and provide the best productivity.

  • Mobility, Flexibility and Productivity
    Easy access anywhere, anytime, and from most common internet-enabled devices, including PCs, or mobile phones, tablets, or using special device called a thin client. Using VDI with high-speed connectivity will help an organization’s workforce to significantly improve download and upload times for better productivity.

  • Protect Your Information Assets & Stronger Security and Compliance
    Umniah DaaS enables you to deliver a high quality, secure and fully compliant desktop experience to your staff and users. A laptop that has the service installed, if stolen, will not result in a data breach, as no information is stored on devices.

  • Free Your IT Staff
    The platform leaves a minimal number of master images that IT personnel has to manage and secure, which is much simpler than managing a complete desktop for each user. The platform also gives users the ability to do easily remote support and software installation.

  • Easily scale up or down
    Using Umniah VDI, the customer has the ability to scale computing resources up and down easily.

  • Pilot and Test
    By requesting a test environment, you can request a proof of concept and use the service before committing, which also helps in choosing the most optimal service for your needs.

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