Cloud Starter Package

It is designated to manage the resources with minimal efforts over internet

With the constant changes in business world, corporates require a robust computing infrastructure, where UCloud can fulfill those requirements by enabling on-demand computing resources, which is rapidly provisioned that will revolutionize the way of business operation.

In addition, it is designated to manage the resources with minimal efforts over internet, which leads for lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

  • Rapidly Provisioned

UCloud will get you ready to enable your businesses into market quickly with its swift setup process, and it can be accessed from any Internet-connected device.

  • Focus On Your Main Business

Take the advantage from the mobility solution, and let Umniah taking care about enabling and managing your computing resources (i.e servers, email, website…etc.) over cloud.

  • Cost-Efficient Solution

Pay for the used resources only. No upfront CAPEX as UCloud is completely independent from any hardware/software installations expenditures, as well as lowering your OPEX as it does not require paying for utility bills or maintenance fees.

  • Operational Excellence

Managing the infrastructure is our sole responsibility, where Umniah have made serious and successful efforts at it. Our engineers are regularly updating the setup with the most up-to-date technologies. Meanwhile, the offered infrastructure is secured, where data and network are backed-up from failures.

  • Scalability

Umniah’s cloud computing services offer on-demand resources to support fluctuating business workloads.

  • Privacy Intact

Our guarantee is that all your corporate information will be safeguarded whether from the public eye or Umniah’s employees. Our Cloud Computing Services (UCloud)

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS is a highly available Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution, which provides managed and full-fledged service along with the fundamental computing resources virtually over the Internet.

  • Redundant Backup

Redundant Backup solution accommodates an endless amount of storage space to assure your business continuity and data protection against any possible theft, loss, or general failure, where data can be easily restored to help running your business quickly.

  • Business Email

Hosted Exchange service that is offered using the world’s leading messaging service provider –Microsoft– and utilizing the MS Exchange Server 2013 capabilities. The service allows sending/receiving emails, sharing calendar, managing contact information, and even archiving data. Synchronizing email with smartphones and tablets powers your experiences; so you can get more done, wherever you are.

  • Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting is a cloud service that provides the capability to host the company website and register its domain easily. The cost-efficient solution allows accessing and exploring the company domain remotely.

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