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Umniah managed CCTV for vehicle is an end-to-end solution


Umniah managed CCTV for vehicle is an end-to-end solution that uses a reliable video recorder, integrated platform and intelligent technologies to ensure vehicles are well guarded and efficiently run.

Phenomena like robberies, rude drivers/customers, unacceptable vehicle fares and late arrivals are more common than ever. In addition, according to multiple social surveys, travelling has now become a major headache for most urban citizens. Therefore, this is considered as an efficient and reliable solution to control and manage this situation.

 With Umniah managed CCTV for Vehicles, customer will get his vehicles tracked and monitored 24/7 over the web or/and over mobile application. The solution consists of front-end camera, recorder, server in Umniah control center and some other components.

Service Benefits:
  • Protect drivers.
  • Prevent theft.
  • Discourage violence.
  • Enhance passenger safety
  • Enforce rider regulations.

Service Features:

  • Video recording: Capabilities of recording 24/7 and saving it on internal or external storage.
  • Vehicle tracking: integrated GPS enables the system to track vehicles globally.
  • Collision detect: Shock sensors gives instant alarms whenever a collision is happening.
  • Speeds alert: As defined by the system, whenever the vehicles is over speeding, the admin/driver is getting notified.
  • Electronic fence: Control zones per speed, routes, departure and arrival.
  • Auto bus stop reports: full reports of the bus stops its timing and direction.
  • Automatic Wi-Fi offloading (optional): offload the daily usage on an external storage by using Wi-Fi on pre-identified locations
  • Passenger counting (optional): advance capabilities of counting the passengers and link them with the recurred payments.
  • Advance reporting: customized reporting as per the customer needs.

How it work:
  • Cameras will be installed at the customer vehicles.
  • Cameras will be connected to NVR within the vehicles.
  • SIM card connected to the NVR
  • The management system (DSS) will be at Umniah data center that will be responsible of managing all vehicles
  • Web-based dashboard will be provided to the customer (DSS).

How to get it:

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