Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

cloud-based security threat detection service

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is cloud-based security threat detection service that offers an integrated tool for protecting your IT infrastructure by monitoring your network to verify if security policies are in place and alert you the moment they are breached.

SIEM monitors and collects information, logs and events from your IT computing platforms (operating systems, network devices, and applications), which are then transferred for analysis, correlation and mitigation. The operational mechanism goal is to detect illegitimate actions and potential threats; safeguarding your data while interacting with customers and employees.

  • Real-time Security Mitigation

Security logs and events are continuously monitored and analyzed in real-time. This provides administrators with a bird’s eye view of potential breaches of security policies that require immediate mitigation.

  • Enrich Compliance with Forensics

Security logs and events are collected for the several computing resources within the organization’s IT infrastructure; allowing for the immediate reporting of security policy breaches to security compliance managers while attaching the necessary evidence.

  • Optimizing Performance

SIEM is not only limited to providing evidence of security policy breaches by users but also gives operational staff a full picture of the performance of the network infrastructure in place and the behavior of end-users.

  • 24x7 Support

As with all security services offered by Umniah, SIEM comes with around-the-clock support by Umniah’s highly experienced Security Operation Center (SOC), whose members stand ready to assist clients with mitigating security threats.

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