Penetration Test Services

Uses tailored and authorized methodologies for simulating attacks

Umniah’s Penetration Testing is a security threat detection solution, which uses tailored and authorized methodologies for simulating attacks onto your IT computing resources to identify potential security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by unauthorized users inside and outside the organization.

In addition, Penetration Testing will help your organization validate the efficiency of its security defensive approach in accordance with predefined security policies. The proliferation of cyberattacks has intensified the need for frequent security screenings, which is handled seamlessly by Umniah’s Penetration Testing. The solution delivers regular reports to your organization’s IT, Network and Operation managers, providing them with accurate and contextual data necessary for strategic planning.

  • Intelligently manage and assess network and vulnerabilities

Penetration tests systematically span servers, endpoints, web applications, network devices, mobile devices and potential points of exposure, covering all access points that can become compromised and used to launch additional exploits aimed at other internal resources.

  • Preserve corporate brand reputation and customer loyalty

Vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure could lead to sensitive data being lost or stolen, which can severely impact the brand image of an organization operating in the modern digital age. In addition, attacks might exploit potential weaknesses to disrupt workflows and even grind operations to a halt, resulting in substantial losses. 

  • Avoid the cost of failure

In most cases, the cost of implementing security solutions including their associated corrective actions is significantly lower than the accumulative costs of recovering from breaches in security.

  • Comply with the regulatory requirements and escape fines

Regulators have established rigid guidelines that must be met in order for your business to operate legitimately, including privacy policies and service level agreement guidelines. Non-compliance to regulations will result in fines that can easily be avoided with the implementation of Penetration Testing.

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