Next Generation Firewall Service (NGFW)

A cloud-based security protection service

Umniah Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) is a cloud-based security protection service that adds intrusion prevention, application and user visibility, SSL inspection, and unknown threat detection to traditional firewalls.

NGFW provides high performance, multilayered validated security and granular visibility for end-to-end protection across the entire enterprise network. In addition, it reduces complexity and reduces the total cost of ownership along with supporting scalable integration with your organization’s network.

  • Next-generation Firewall (NGFW) Policy Enforcement

NGFW is able to detect and block sophisticated attacks by enforcing security policies at the application, port and protocol levels.

  • Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

The system identifies common vulnerabilities and exposures and mitigates them by dropping the malicious packets or blocking traffic from the offending IP address.

  • Network Antivirus

The integrated network antivirus prevents unwanted and potentially malicious files from entering your network. These features employ a multitude of protocols, which include checking for a file size, name, or type, or for the presence of a virus or grayware signature.

  • Web Filtering

Web filtering monitors and controls web access using a secure content management system with integrated antivirus protection, web filtering, and messaging security, thus protecting from network congestion, productivity interruptions, leakage of confidential information, access to blocked websites, and other risky activity.

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data loss prevention examines network traffic for data patterns you define through the GUI and CLI commands.

  • Anti-Spam

Anti-spam provides comprehensive and multi-layered approaches to detecting and filtering spam, which is managed through a dual-pass detection technology.

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