Anti-Malware and Sandboxing Solution

Provides the ultimate protection against malware

Umniah’s Sandboxing Solution provides the ultimate protection against malware. Whether implemented locally or over the cloud, the solution goes far beyond conventional sandboxing by combining unified malware analysis and context-rich intelligence. It empowers security professionals to proactively defend their data against and quickly recover from cyber-attacks.

The solution relies on highly secure techniques, including static and dynamic sandboxing analysis, correlating the results of other analyzed malware, campaigns, and their distribution. Security teams can quickly correlate a single sample of observed activity and characteristics against millions of other samples to fully understand its behaviors in a historical and global context. This ability helps analysts effectively defend against both targeted attacks and the broader threats from advanced malware.

  • Advanced Analytics

Delivers comprehensive security insight into malware behavior. Your security teams receive context-rich malware analytics and threat intelligence, so they are armed with insight into what a file is doing and can quickly respond to threats.

  • Advanced behavioral indicators

Produces comprehensive indicators through advanced static and dynamic analysis encompassing numerous malware families and malicious behaviors. Delivers the broadest context around threats and helps you make quick and confident decisions

  • Make better decisions, faster

Understand and respond to threats faster. Take advantage of robust search capabilities, correlations, and detailed static and dynamic analyses.

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