Anti-DDoS is a security protocol that safeguards against Distributed Denial of Service “DDoS” attacks, which can often leave organizational networks crippled and non-functional.

The service has been tailored for business who seek an extra layer of protection to protect their networks against the growing number of DDoS attacks. By examining the net flow traffic to explore if a DDoS attack is targeting your network, the service reroutes suspicious traffic to our DDoS Mitigation Center for remediation the second a threat is detected, while normal traffic is forwarded without any disruption, thus leaving your network fully operational and stable.

  • In Line with Global Regulations

Umniah hosts Anti-DDoS protection solutions that removes infected traffic feeds while remaining in regulation with Umniah’s global IP, leaving your network safe and intact.

  • On-Spot Identification

Our solution encompasses statistical and behavioral analysis to identify attacks in progress, leveraging on the state-of the-art Arbor Peakflow technology.

  • 24/7 Monitoring

Umniah’s SOC teams use Arbor ATLAS and Fingerprint technologies to monitor your network’s traffic around the clock.

  • Comprehensive Reports

Comprehensive and detailed reports from all priority threat levels are available on the service portal.

  • Be Notified

The service monitors the traffic pattern and keeps you updated on threats via email or through the service portal, where a dashboard will alert you to suspicious activity. In addition, our security engineers will contact you immediately if a high-level threat is detected.

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