Managed Wi-fi Service

Umniah managed Wi-Fi offers a simple, secure and cost-effective way to manage and monitor Instant Access Points. It also has advanced capabilities like customizable guest Wi-Fi and presence analytics for smarter decision-making. With Umniah managed Wi-Fi, which is a tailored and flexible solution for any business size and industry, we can get your network up and running in minutes with intelligent Zero Touch Provisioning. The intuitive dashboards along with reporting, maintenance, and firmware management tools make monitoring and troubleshooting easy — no technical expertise required.
Service Features:

Centralized Management via Portal:

  • Using a single dashboard, you can view metrics for access points (APs) and clients, along with flagged alerts and location mapping.


Complete Visibility Into Usage:

  • Get information about connected clients, memory usage and firmware status for fast troubleshooting. In addition, view metrics across multiple locations and times to make intelligent business decisions.


Seamless Automatic Upgrades:

  • Isolate problems and troubleshoot quickly with simple workflows, granular detail and extensive search capabilities. Streamline and automate your network management while maintaining complete control


World-Class Secured Technology:

  • Secure and optimize your network performance with actionable application-level intelligence and web URL classification. Identify rogue devices on the network with our Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS).


Separate Guest Access Ability:

  • Customize and simplify visitor access using a scalable, high speed, single or multi-site Wi-Fi access to users/clients/guest Wi-Fi management. Choose from well-known login methods for guest access.


24/7 Operational Support:

  • Our engineers provide around the clock support services to assure service continuity combined with SLA.


Service Benefit:


A Cost-Efficient Solution:

  • No upfront investment or hidden charges, and pay only an operational fee.
  • Zero-Touch Network Provisioning
  • Simplify network setup and offload IT resources by directly shipping Instant Access Points to remote sites where a non-technical person can simply unpack, power up and get them configured automatically.
  • Analytical View
  • Gather real-time and historical data on how many prospective customers passed by a location, how many entered, stayed on, and for how long.
  • Clients Management over Cloud
  • Enable guest sponsors, such as receptionists, event coordinators and other non-IT staff, to create temporary guest accounts.
  • Mobile Application for Management on the Go
  • Customize the mobile-friendly login pages to display your logo, custom welcome messages, terms and conditions, backgrounds, colors, and images, or simply choose from existing templates for a quick and easy start.
How to get it:

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