Dedicated Internet Access Service

the natural choice for businesses that have outgrown, or greater speed and capacity demands

Umniah’s strategy has always been consistent which is why we remain the number one provider of Internet connectivity to businesses in Jordan. Therefore, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) from Umniah is the natural choice for businesses that have outgrown, or greater speed and capacity demands.

Service Features:
  • Dedicated and Symmetrical circuits
  • Circuits provide high speed, always-on internet access, with matching download and upload speeds.
  • Flexible options with easy upgrade paths, customers pay for the bandwidth they need now and can increase it as their needs change.
  • Furthermore, customers have the flexibility to choose the media that suits their needs.
  • Guaranteed Speed Your Internet speed will remain constant, even at peak times, which is guaranteed by the aggressive SLA combined with the service.
  • Direct Expert Support Technical engineers who manage the IP network will directly guide you through any difficulties that may arise 24/7.

Service Benefits:

We’ve Taken the Extra Step

  • We make sure your Internet connection remains fast and consistent by offering our clients with a dedicated internet access, in addition to the capability of providing a backup line that acts as a secondary gateway in case your main link fails to respond at any time.
  • A Cost-Effective Customized Solution You can choose from Internet speeds that start from 2Mbps up to 10Gbps with our tailored solutions.
  • Our unlimited bandwidth capacities and symmetric connectivity give you equal uplink and downlink speeds that can be used simultaneously.
  • Our Gateways to the Internet Our upheld partnerships with global tier-one Internet providers allow us to connect Jordan with the primary Internet locations across the globe, guaranteeing consistency in the services we provide.


How to get it:

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