Umniah Youth Unit

Established in 2014, Umniah’s Youth Unit has helped further Umniah's support to Jordan’s youth by providing the skillsets and training they need to enter the labor market and to lead on the future of their country. Through a diverse array of campaigns and training sessions, university students are able to build their capacities and acquire practical experience that is essential for the market, which in turn makes them more likely to find career opportunities after graduating.
Since the launch, we have worked to provide a wide range of internship opportunities to train its members, prepare them and develop their scientific and practical capabilities throughout the company’s departments while they are still pursuing their educations. Many members of the unit, after graduating and joining the local and international job market, have achieved remarkable success, of which we are immensely proud.
Without a doubt, Umniah’s Youth Unit represents one of the cornerstones of the company’s values, which is to support and empower young people, who through their continuous support of our initiatives across the country have become an integral part of our family. They have proven themselves to be active and involved members of their communities, accomplishing the tasks assigned to them efficiently and skillfully. They have also allowed us to better understand and meet the needs of Jordan’s youth through their recommendations and ideas.


The Youth Unit Mission

To redefine the future of the Jordanian youth by empowering them with skills and the desired knowledge to achieve their full potential and successfully enter the job market.


The Youth Unit Vision

For graduates of our training program to be recognized as highly capable and become sought after by leading companies in the region.

The Youth Unit’s responsibilities and activities


1. Field marketing & Telemarketing




2. Ushering in Business events


3. Internal Support

4. Community Service


*** To join our Youth Unit team, please send your resume to: