Mahfazti is a secure mobile wallet service

Mahfazti is a secure mobile wallet service, regulated & supervised by the Central Bank of Jordan, offering you a variety of financial services on your mobile:

  • FREE wallet registration
  • Withdraw and deposit cash at any Umniah shop or certified agent
  • Transfer money from one mobile wallet to another
  • Top-up your Umniah subscriptions and pay your bills easily
  • Pay your utility bills (through eFAWATEERcom)
  • Pay for goods at shops accepting Mahfazti
  • Withdraw cash from ATMs 24/7
  • Access Mahfazti via the iOS or Android App

How to subscribe to Mahfazti:

To subscribe to Mahfazti for FREE, visit any Umniah shop. Please bring your National ID card or Passport for identification. The service is available for:

  • Umniah and other operators’ subscribers
  • Jordanians and non-Jordanians
  • Those with or without an existing bank account

Mahfazti Service Fees:

Register to the Service FREE
Cash in @ Umniah Shops FREE
Cash Withdrawal at Umniah Shops Less than 20 JDs 0.5 JD
20 to 50 JDs 0.75 JD
Above 50 JDs 1.00 JD
Caswithdrawalh at ATM (Available at Cairo Amman Bank) 0.5 JD
Umniah Bill Payment & Balance Top Up Free

Questions about the Mahfazti Mobile Application:

How do I set up Mahfazti on my phone for the 1st time (Activate the wallet account)?

1. First, go to any Umniah shop or certified agent where you can register for Mahfazti for FREE. Please bring your ID or passport for identification.
2. Once subscribed, you will receive an activation code by SMS. Press the link to download the Mahfazti App.
3. Choose your phone’s App store
4. Download the App
5. Open the app, and choose a password
6. Select ‘New User’
7. Enter your mobile number, and then the activation code you received via SMS (see step 2.). Then choose a 4-digit pin code. Press ‘Activate’ to complete the process.

What if I don’t own a Smartphone?

You do not need to use the application to access your Mahfazti wallet. Transactions can also be performed through the USSD gateway by dialing *999 # and selecting the desired operation from within the available options. This option will be available soon.

What languages are available on the application?

Both Arabic and English languages are available based on the mobile device language.

Is my Mahfazti account protected on my phone?

Your Mahfazti account is protected by both a password and a PIN code:

  • After you download and open the application for the first time, set up a password (minimum 8 characters) for your Mahfazti account.
  • After you set up your password, the application will ask you to setup a PIN code to authorize any transactions you make in Mahfazti (balance check, bill payment, credit transfer).

What if I forget my password to access the app?

Click on “Forgot Password” to create a new one. You will be asked to provide the PIN code.

What if I forget my PIN or want to change it?

In the main menu after you login to Mahfazti app, click on “Settings” and then “Change PIN.” You will need to enter it twice to confirm the change.

What happens if I enter the PIN incorrectly?

After three incorrect entries, your PIN will be deactivated and your account blocked. You will need to visit the same agent who opened your account in order to unblock it.

Can I use the application for two different mobile wallet accounts on the same mobile phone?

No, you can only activate one Mahfazti account per mobile number.

FAQs General Questions What is Mahfazti?

“Mahfazti” is a mobile wallet solution that provides a secure way to make payments directly from a mobile phone. Users can send money to other mobile wallet users (Person-to-Person transfers), pay merchants, and even pay their utility bills. Especially for customers who don’t have a bank account, Mahfazti is a safe, secure way to send money directly from your mobile phone. Each wallet is linked to a unique mobile number, so no one but the user can access the account.

Who can open a Mahfazti account?

Anyone with a mobile phone subscription on a Jordanian mobile network can open a Mahfazti account, including Jordanian and non-Jordanian citizens, tourists and refugees. Minors can also have an account, but only through their guardian.

Do I need a bank account to use Mahfazti?

No, just a mobile phone.

Do I need a SmartPhone to use Mahfazti?

No, all types of mobile devices work with Mahfazti. You just need a subscription with a mobile network operator.

How do I open an account?

You can open an account by visiting any of Umniah shops and we will walk you through the following steps:

  • Read the terms and conditions of opening a Mahfazti account.
  • Fill out and sign the registration form.
  • Give the completed and signed form to Umniah agent and attach one of the following:
    1. A copy of your national ID number (Jordanians)
    2. A copy of your passport (non-Jordanians)
  • The agent will then enter your information and open your account. You should immediately receive a message on your phone with an activation code as well as a link to download the Mahfazti application.
  • After the application loads, open it up to insert your activation code. You will be prompted to create a password that you will use each time you open the app, as well as a four-digit personal identification number (PIN). You will need the PIN to confirm any transactions you make with Mahfazti.

Do I have to pay to open an account?

No, there is no fee or minimum deposit needed to open an account. FAQs for Using your Mahfazti Account

What can I do with my wallet?

Mahfazti enables the following services:

  • Deposit and withdraw money to and from your wallet.
  • Transfer money from your wallet to another wallet (person to person transfer)
  • Transfer money from your wallet to utility companies (taxes, fees, fines, etc.)
  • Transfer money from your wallet to various government agencies (taxes, fees, fines, etc.)
  • Transfer money from my portfolio to businesses and merchants (petrol stations, travel booking, etc.)
  • Pay bills through eFAWATEERcom
  • Umniah Bill Payment and Prepaid Top-Up
  • Cash out at ATM network
  • Check your balance

How can I add more money (Cash In)?

Mahfazti users can add cash to their account by visiting one of our authorized agents throughout the Kingdom and completing the following steps:

  • Provide the employee with your account number (mobile phone number) and the amount of money to be deposited in your account.
  • Fill out and sign the deposit form.
  • The agent will deposit the amount into your account.
  • After the agent deposits the requested amount, you will receive a short text message with your new wallet balance.

Is there a minimum amount I need to keep in my account?

No, there is no minimum balance you need to maintain

How can I check my balance?

One of two ways:

  • Within the Mahfazti application, select the Balance icon to instantly view your total.
  • Visit the original location where the wallet was opened and request the balance.

How do I withdraw money?

Users have two options to withdraw money. First, through our agent network (similar to Cash In):

  • Provide the employee with your account number (mobile phone number) and the amount of money to be withdrawn from your account.
  • Fill out and sign the withdrawal form.
  • The agent will start the process to withdraw the amount from your account. You will receive a short message with a one-time password (OTP) which will be used to verify ownership of the account.
  • The agent will confirm the OTP and hand over the requested amount.
  • After the agent gives you the withdrawal, you will receive a short text message with your new wallet balance. Note: your new balance will also reflect a commission fee deducted from the total balance.

Second, through Cairo Amman Bank ATM Network:

  • Go to Cairo Amman Bank ATM machine
  • Request One time Password from Mahfazti app (from ATC cash out option)
  • At the ATM, choose “Card-less Cash out” and then “Mahfazti/Jordan Mobile Payment”
  • Insert your mobile wallet number
  • Insert the OTP received by SMS
  • Insert the amount to cash out

Is there a limit to how much I can withdraw from my wallet?

If there is enough credit in your account, you can withdraw a maximum of 1,000 dinars from an agent per day. The maximum withdrawal from an ATM is 500 dinars per day. Note: The Central Bank of Jordan updates the maximum withdrawal amounts allowed periodically. Please check our website for the latest updates.

How do I transfer money from my wallet to another mobile wallet account?

  • Login to your Mahfazti account app
  • In the main menu, choose “Money Transfer”
  • In the Money Transfer screen, you will be prompted to give the mobile number associated with the wallet you want to transfer money to. Fill in the number, the amount to be transferred (in Jordanian Dinars), and then press “process to send.”
  • If the transfer is successful, you will receive a confirmation message via SMS confirming your new wallet balance, minus the transfer commission amount.

How do I use Mahfazti to pay for goods and services?

There are a variety of ways to use Mahfazti to pay for goods and services:

  • Transfer money directly to a merchant mobile money wallet. Participating merchants have the Mahfazti logo clearly displayed at the entrance along with their company wallet number.
  • Pay through a Near Field Communications (NFC) tag (Note: for Android devices only)
  • Pay your tuition, utility bills, and more online at directly through the Mahfazti application.

How long does it take to process my payments with Mahfazti?

Transactions (payments / transfers / purchases) are usually immediate. You will receive an alert message within seconds after each successful transaction with details of the transaction, including your new balance minus commission fees.

What do I do if I do not receive an alert after a purchase or transfer?

The agent will try to help you by checking the transaction log from your system and your wallet. If this does not work, please call the Mahfazti Customer Service Center to verify the transaction.

Is there a minimum limit for purchases, transfers, withdrawals, or deposits?

Yes, there are limits set by the Central Bank of Jordan for each transaction as below:

Service Type Limit (per transaction) JD
Person to Person transfer 500
Person to Business Transfer 500
Pay through eFAWATEERcom No limit
Cash Deposit 1000
Cash Withdrawal at Agents 1000
Cash Withdrawal at ATM 500 per day

Additional Questions:

Are there any monthly or yearly fees paid to keep my account open?

No, you only will pay a small fee when you make a withdrawal or transfer.

Can I have more than one Mahfazti account?

You can have up to two Mahfazti accounts. However, each account must have a different mobile number.

What should I do if I accidently transfer money to the wrong number?

In addition to entering the recipient wallet number, any transfer you make must be confirmed via PIN before sending. Unfortunately, once you confirm your PIN, you cannot reclaim the amount sent.

Is it safe to keep my money in my account?

Your money is 100% safe with Mahfazti. In addition to the PIN code which must be used for each withdrawal or payment, the Central Bank of Jordan keeps a complete record of all transactions to combat against fraud. As long as your PIN is a special, unique and non-third party number, your account is in my wallet safely and no one will be able to hack it. If you suspect that someone has identified your ID, change it immediately through the Mahfazti application on your mobile phone or contact our customer service center at 065532348. You can also call customer service to check the latest transactions on your account.

What happens to my account if I change my mobile number?

If you change your mobile number, you will need to open another account under the new number through an authorized agent. The agent will then transfer the balance from the old number to the new number, and then fill out the cancellation request on the old number after clearing the balance.

What should I do if my mobile phone is lost or stolen?

Please call the customer service center immediately at 0788001333 to freeze your account. You can also freeze your account through the agent who originally opened your wallet. Once your phone is replaced, you can re-download Mahfazti and reactivate your account.

Can I use my account if my phone number is disconnected?

You need to have a phone number which receives SMS in order to authorize transfers and receive alerts or confirmation of any transactions. If you have to switch to a new active line, you must visit an authorized Mahfazti agent to fill out a cancellation request and transfer your balance.

Is it possible to use Mahfazti outside of Jordan?

Yes, you can still make transfers outside of Jordan.

Can I close my account? How?

You can close your account by visiting the site where you first opened your account and filling out a cancellation request.

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