Game@ is one of Umniah’s entertainment gaming services.

Game@ is one of Umniah’s entertainment gaming services, giving users the opportunity to enjoy hundreds of games on their mobile phones.
Customers can also buy games using their mobile balance Visit the Game@ site to view available games and download the app for better and faster performance:

Game@ by Umniah also offers VIP subscriptions that allow you to benefit from numerous offers and discounts. VIP privileges:
  • Free Trial: Three-Day free trial for all paid games.
  • Discount: VIP users can enjoy a 20 percent discount on all in-game purchases.
  • Unlimited Games: VIP users can enjoy unlimited game downloads.
  • Gifts: Game gifts are free.
  • Promotion: Many exciting activities for VIP subscribers.

To subscribe, the following information is required:
  • Via mobile phone: The phone number of the device to be used.
  • Via SMS: Once you make a purchase, the app will automatically redirect you to a page, where you need to click “send”

Price of the service:
  • Registration: Free

Subscribing to Game@:
  • Daily VIP subscription: Send 1 to 91810 at a cost of JD.15
  • Weekly VIP subscription: Send 2 to 91810 at a cost of JD.6
  • Monthly VIP subscription: Send 3 to 91810 at a cost of JD2

What is the size of a game?
  • The size of a game is between 2MB and 2GB.
  • For games larger than 10MB, the download will be divided into two parts
  • Only a small portion of the game (under 5MB) is saved on the device’s internal memory; the remainder of the game is saved on the device’s SD card

Where can I find the games I already bought? Can I re-download them for free?
  • Yes, all games can be re-downloaded for free over a three-year period, provided the same device and number are used.
  • If you replace your device, previously purchased games will not appear in the My Downloads section. Contact Customer Care to re-download your games.

Can I get updates of the games I already bought?
  • Yes. All related updates will be sent to your device.

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