Claim back your tax

Shababi customers can now reclaim the taxes paid on their line’s subscription fees.

Shababi customers can now claim any taxes paid on their phone line’s subscription fees.

The service, which is available on the below packages, will refund the tax amount as a free balance:

Package Name Free Balance Amount / JD
Shababi 8 Smart Line 2.48
Shababi 10 Smart Line 3.11


  • Once you activate the “Claim your tax” service, you will receive a free balance on the following month upon renewing your monthly subscription.
  • The free balance can be used to renew your monthly subscription, pay for your local calls, local SMSs and local Internet usage.
  • Once you activate the “Claim your tax” service, umnicoin will be deactivated temporary and will be reactivated when you cancel the service.
  • The maximum free balance amount refunded per package is outlined in the chart above. If you use your free balance to renew the subscription for the following month, the tax amount in that month will be calculated according to your remaining account balance.


For Example:

The line’s subscription fee is JD 8 JDs, and there were 2.48 JD free balance and were used to renew the monthly subscription. The next time, the customer will receive a value equal to the tax, which is 1.71JD.


Month Monthly Subscription Fees Due Amount Returned Tax Amount
July 8 JDs 8 JDs 2.48 JDs
August 8 JDs 5.51 JDs 1.71 JDs


  • The tax value varies according to the percentage imposed by the government on data and voice taxes.
  • The free balance will be added to your account on the following day of renewal, and is valid for 30 days only.
  • The service can be accessed and altered only through the Umniah Mobile app by following these steps: access umnicoin> select “Umniah Services”> Services> Claim/ cancel tax value.




Terms and Conditions
  • The service is offered free of charge, but must be activated through the Umniah app after receiving the welcoming reward from umnicoin
  • Changing the service status (enable/disable) is allowed one time each month.

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