U 11 Plus 

All your Gigas from day one! Choose the line with the best internet bundle for you and enjoy using it anytime, anywhere, with free local calls on any network all day long

Destination Rates
Local Minutes Free
Data Bundle 40 GB
Governorate Bundle  10 GB
SMS 3,000
Monthly Fee 10 JD
International Minutes 1000 Min to Ooredo


Free international minutes are activated through *912# , customers can choose only one country and can also cancel the bundle and add new one with each monthly subscription:

      • Enjoy our carry-over feature so you don’t lose what you don’t use, as long as your line is not partially or completely disconnected
      • Renew your subscription before it’s due by dialing *456# or through Umniah Application
      • International calls are rated per minute
      • To buy add-on bundles, dial *888# or *404# for special offers
        • Dial *888# to view available bundles:
        • 10GB – JD3 – one time - valid for one month
        • 15GB – JD5 – one time - valid for one month
        • 30GB – JD8 – one time - valid for one month


Duration Validity 
30 days active
4 days semi-disconnect
90 days disconnect

Additional internet packages details:
• Umniah 10 subscribers will get the cumulative add-on bundle when renewing the subscription early or on the specified date
• Each time the subscriber renews the subscription early or at the specified renewal date, he will get an additional 1 GB bundle, up to a maximum of 5 GB, as follows:
• At the first renewal of the subscription, the subscriber will get an additional 1 GB, at the second renewal, the subscriber will get 2 GB, at the fifth renewal, the subscriber will get 5 GB

• Upon reaching the fifth renewal, the subscriber will get 5 GB, and after that, every time the subscription is renewed, he will get a fixed 5 GB, unless the Inactive line is completely disconnected.
• In the event that the line is completely disconnected (Inactive), the subscriber will lose the advantage of cumulative internet additional bundle and will return to the first stage, which is adding 1 GB when renewing the subscription for the first time.


How to get it

Visit your nearest Umniah shop, the Umniah e-shop or any local mobile store

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