U 13 Smart line

Enjoy unlimited calls on all local networks and unlimited internet starting from 13 JOD

Enjoy unlimited calls on all local networks and unlimited internet starting from 13 JOD

Destination U 13 Smart Line
Umniah minutes 51,600
Local minutes 2,000
Ooredoo Palestine 1,000 
International Minutes*
Internet bundle 24 GB
Social Bundle 9 GB
Facebook bundle 9 GB
SMS 2,400
International SMS 9 piasters/SMS
Monthly subscription 13 JOD

International minutes are subject to change according to international changes ( Notifications shall be sent to customers about any change ).

Social Bundle can be used for Facebook and WhatsApp.

Package Name U 13 Smart Line
*Internet Bundle For Governorates 4GB

The Governorates data bundle can be used in all governorates except for Amman.

Prices after consuming the bundle:
Line Properties Details
Umniah – Umniah 2 piasters/minute
 Umniah – Other local networks 2 piasters/minute
SMS 3 piasters/SMS

  • Facebook bundle is to be used after consuming the main internet bundle capacity and can be added through *172#
  • Migration to and from the new packages is available through Umniah Application and can be downloaded from www.umniah.com/app
  • Tablets, routers and MiFis are not compatible with these packages 

Customer has to choose one of the below international options:

Option Destination Number of Minutes
Umniah 13
1  Wataniya Palestine  1,000
2  International 400
 Int'l (after 2nd monthly fees deduction)  500
3  Arab World 50
4 Russia 50

  • Customers can add or delete bundles through *912#
  • Bundle is recurring.
  • Customers cannot get more than one bundle in the same month.

List of countries included in option 2:

Iceland, South Africa, Colombia, New Zealand, Peru, Indonesia, Guam, USA, Canada, Cyprus, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Romania, Ireland, Norway, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Slovakia, Finland, Bangladesh, India, China, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Brunei, Spain, Greece, France, Italy, San Marino, Latvia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia, Belgium, Thailand, Czech, Poland, Pakistan

List of countries included in option 3:

UAE, KSA, Yemen, Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, Amman, Syria, Bahrein, Sudan, Lebanon.

How to get it

The offer is available through all Umniah shops and sub-dealers.

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