Tourist line

With Umniah’s Tourist Line, visitors to Jordan will never feel disconnected from their loved ones

With Umniah’s Tourist Line, visitors to Jordan will never feel disconnected from their loved ones, enjoying voice and data services at the best possible value. The package was tailored exclusively to provide tourists with what they need — generous download caps, attractive voice bundles, and international calling options to a wide range of destinations


Type Volume
10 Days Fees 6 JD
Internet bundle 10 GB 
Facebook bundle 4 GB 
Cross-minutes 15 minutes cross net
International Minutes 15 International Minutes
Local SMS 5 SMS
International SMS 0.09 JOD


Prices after consuming the bundle:

line properties details
Umniah-Umniah 2 P/min
Umniah-Other local networks 2 P/min

Line validity:

Active Grace - Suspended Inactive
10 Days 5 Days 90 Days


Additional Information:

  • Package is only available through Umniah’s shops located at international airports in Jordan (Amman & Aqaba)
  • Package is available for Foreigners (European) and the Far East tourists  
  • PAYG package rates and rates after consuming the bundle:
    * On net rate: 0.02 JOD
    * Off net: 0.02 JOD
  • International minute rate: based on destination.
  • Early renewal service is available on this package by dialing *456#
  • The built-in International minutes will be valid for calling the following countries:(Spain, UK, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Brazil, Argentina, India, Thailand, Latvia, Cyprus, Greece, Poland, Italy, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, Netherlands, Hungary, Russian, Croatia, USA, Romania, Mexico, Taiwan, New Zealand, Canada, Austria, South Africa, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Singapore, Malaysia, and Ukraine).  

Line validity: 10 days

Terms and Conditions:

  • Prices do not include taxes.
  • This offer is available for a limited time


Documents needed to Purchase:

  • Passport

How to get itx

- Through Umniah’s shops at international airports in Jordan.

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