Philippines 8 Smart line

!The best offer from Umniah for Filipinos in Jordan

!The best offer from Umniah for Filipinos in Jordan The new Smart 8 offer allows Filipinos in Jordan to stay in touch with family members and friends and enjoy good times in both audio and visual, whether they are in the Philippines or throughout the Kingdom governorates, as well as many benefits for JD8 per month

Umniah minutes 24,000
Local minutes 500
Minutes to call Philippines 40
Internet bundles 12 GB
Social Media Bundle 9 GB
Facebook bundle 9 GB
Governorates bundle 4 GB
local SMS 1,800
Monthly fees 8 JD

The Governorates data bundle can be used in all governorates except for Amman. Social Bundle can be used for Facebook and WhatsApp. Prices after consuming the bundle:

  • Local calls: 2 Piasters/minute
  • SMS: 3 Piasters/SMS

  • Line Validity: the line remains active for 30 days upon payment of the monthly fee. If the monthly fee is not paid, the line will be suspended for 30 day only, allowing incoming calls, after which all activity will be stopped for 90 days. Following this period, the line will be disconnected.
  • Changes to this package are allowed through *78#.
  • Early renewal  is allowed through *456#
  • Calls are charged per minute starting from the first minute.
  • All prices quoted above exclude applicable taxes and fees

How to get it

all Umniah shops, franchisees, dealers and sub dealers

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