Samsung S20

Get a free Samsung S20 handset with Ultra 50 line from Umniah

Get a free Samsung S20 handset with Ultra 50 line from Umniah.

In addition, Ultra 50 line offers flexible minutes to other networks (local and selected international destinations), receiving calls for free while roaming, and competitive internet bundles.

Details Ultra 50
Monthly Subscription 50 JDs
Internet Bundle 90 GB
Minutes to Umniah Unlimited
Minutes to Other Networks (Local and selected international) Unlimited*
Roaming Receiving Minutes 80 Minutes
SMS Unlimited
Palestine Calls (Watania) 1,000 Minutes
2-Year Commitment Free Samsung S20 Handset

* Selected International Destinations are subjected to fair usage policy of 500 minutes.


samsung s20

Prices after consuming the line’s local minutes and SMS:

Type Rate
On-net rate/minute 0 Piasters
Off-net rate/minute 0 Piasters
Data rate/MB 1 Piaster/MB
Local SMS  0 Piasters
International SMS 9 Piasters
Delivery report 1 Piaster

Special Rates on international destination:

Arab Countries Special Rate (JDs)
Bahrain 0.15
Yemen 0.15
Iraq 0.17
Kuwait 0.15
Oman 0.17
Qatar 0.15
Saudi Arabia 0.15
United Arab Emirates 0.15
Syria 0.23
Lebanon 0.15
  • Offnet/Flex Minutes: The offnet minutes can be used to call other local operators or certain international destinations as per the below table.
  • Data Carry Over: The remaining data will be carried to the next month
  • Roaming receiving minutes are valid over all destinations
  • Palestine Minutes are available on international calls to Palestine to Watania operator only

The selected international destinations are:
United States India South Korea
United Kingdom Canada Malaysia
Singapore Ireland Sweden
Denmark Poland China
Norway Romania Brazil

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