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Simply choose how much data you use per month on your mobile, and select the plan which suits you best. Keep your phone connected by subscribing to Umniah evo on your mobile today.Stay connected at a lower speed after exceeding the monthly bundle, or dial *888# to restore the high speed by buying one of the available additional bundles: get an extra 0.5 GB for only 2 JD, or an extra 3 GB for 5 JD.

evo Options Double Capacity Price
evo 500 MB 500 MB 2 JD
evo 3 GB 3 GB 5 JD
evo Unlimited Unlimited* 10 JD
Per Website Unlimited 1 JD per Website

Fair Usage Policy applies after consuming 7 GB per month. An additional 1 GB will be provided for use on Skype.Fair Usage Policy applies: Enjoy up to 1 GB per website per month. Available website selection currently includes: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp.

  • Doubled Download promotion is available for a limited period only.
  • Pay as you go rate outside of the bundle is 1 Fils/10 KB.
  • Each additional bundle is valid for one month from the date of subscription.
  • Unused data cannot be transferred to the next month’s balance.
  • On-net video calls will be charged at the same rate of on-net voice calls.
  • Monthly free minute allowance can be used to make voice calls only.
  • All prices exclude taxes and fees.

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