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If you wish to boost your Umniah Fiber network coverage throughout your home, pass by any of our showrooms and pay for your signal booster in installments!

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Huawei Extender

The Huawei Wi-Fi extender can be used to expand the coverage area of the Wi-Fi network. The device works by receiving and amplifying the existing Wi-Fi signal, followed by transmitting the boosted signal.

**Recommended for fiber subscriptions in certain areas

Deco 2 Pack

The Deco 2 Pack provides a stable and fast connection to all devices within the area of up to 260 square meters, inside your home.

**Recommended for all fiber subscriptions

Deco 2 pack
Deco 3 Pack The Deco 3 Pack is the perfect way to ensure a strong Wi-Fi signal all around your home with an area of up to 300 square meters.
  • 3 Packs
  • EU version

**Recommended for all fiber subscriptions

Deco 3 pack



Device Name

Price (excluding taxes)

Monthly installments of over 12 months (excluding tax) that are added to the fiber subscription bill

Monthly installments of 24 months (excluding tax) that are added to the fiber subscription bill

Deco 2 Pack

57 JD

5.7 JD

3.1 JD

Deco 3 Pack

73 JD

7.3 JD

4.0 JD

Huawei Extender

41 JD

4.1 JD

2.22 JD


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