UWallet Supports the 21st National Olive Festival and Rural Products Fair


November 24, 2021 – Amman, Jordan: UWallet, the leading electronic wallet service, has announced its support for the 21st National Olive Festival and the Rural Products Exhibition, held between November 25 and December 4, 2021. UWallet’s sponsorship of the event is directly in line with its continuous efforts to champion national products while simultaneously furthering the economic empowerment of women.


The festival is expected to be attended by representatives of a number of sectors, including agriculture, associations, manufacturing, as well as families and retail outlets. Festival participants will receive a number of exclusive benefits from UWallet, including free registration on the platform, financial literacy awareness sessions and the creation of an e-commerce platform for them to market and sell their products to others. Registrants on the new platform will also have access to workshops on pricing mechanisms, how to create marketing strategies, packaging as well as the ability to apply for loans from microfinances and receive the loan through UWallet.


According to UWallet CEO Dr. Ala’a Ensheiwat, UWallet’s support for the festival is part of its tireless efforts to further financial inclusion in the country by offering all sectors, particularly women-owned SMEs, the access to safe and effective digital financial services that have positive and long-term impact on their businesses, their families as well as the national economy. Ensheiwat went on to add, “We felt that the 21st National Olive Festival was the ideal opportunity to offer financial literacy seminars that will help participants further develop and grow their businesses by clarifying the platform’s services and solutions, which are especially critical to those who do not have access to traditional banking channels.”


Since its launch in 2020, UWallet has become a leader in its field, serving its customers across different sectors and in all governorates of the country with value-added services that further financial inclusion. Through the platform, subscribers can make purchases, pay their bills, and transfer money through the app immediately using their mobile phones. Users are also able to save funds securely in a virtual electronic wallet, uniquely identified by the account holder's mobile phone number.