Umniah Supports ISACA, Specialized in Information Security

Umniah Supports ISACA, Specialized in Information Security Amman, March 19, 2019: Umniah Telecom, a subsidiary of Batelco Bahrain and a pioneer in the provision of managed security services (MSSP) and cybersecurity in the Kingdom, has announced its golden sponsorship of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) chapter in Amman, which specializes in information security as well as the control and audit of information systems. The association was launched at an official event on March 19 under the patronage of HRH Princess Sumaya Bint Al Hassan, was held under the banner “Governance Challenges in the Digital Economy,” and saw the attendance of information security officials and experts from the government and other economic sectors. Umniah’s support of ISACA is directly in line with its strategy to increase awareness about the importance of information security and providing the market with cybersecurity skills, in addition to supporting and helping organizations safeguard their work from electronic threats. ISACA’s work is also in complete compliance with the requirements of legislative bodies such as the Central Bank of Jordan and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. Umniah CEO Ziad Shatara said he valued initiatives such as ISACA in Jordan and their role in increasing and reinforcing awareness of the importance of information systems and security. He also spoke of his confidence in their future contributions through the implementation of their objectives and activities, which will ultimately reinforce Jordan’s position on the regional and international technological innovation map. Shatara went on to stress the entrepreneurial nature of Umniah, the best service provider in MSSP for all sectors. He noted that the company remains diligent in protecting the work of its clients work from cyberattacks. Shatara went on to add that Umniah, in order to strengthen its MSSP and cybersecurity offerings, launched the Security Operation Center (SOC) that works around the clock to monitor and control security gaps and threats in the information system structures for its corporate clients, offering them a number of security solutions, providing them with high-level protection through a team of the best experts in their field. Also at the event, ISACA Amman Chairman Husam Khattab spoke of his pleasure at the collaboration with Umniah, which will further the association’s objectives at both the local and international levels. Umniah’s support will contribute to the association’s implementation of ambitious programs in the areas of security, audit, and governance of information security. Khattab also said that the association is creating a real link among its partners through the exchange of knowledge and experience. Its future educational, awareness, and training strategies are geared towards operators in the field of communication and information technology, including university students and other stakeholders in the field. The association will also work towards consolidates efforts in order to become a more effective partner in building a secure national umbrella. Through its sponsorship, Umniah will organize a monthly workshop by the ISACA Amman chapter to increase awareness in the field of security audit, information security, information systems control, and information technology governance in companies. Umniah will also be part of an annual event to discuss the most recent international approaches in legislation and information system controls as well as cybersecurity. ISACA is an independent not-for-profit association that participates in developing, accrediting, and using knowledge and pioneering practices internationally that are accepted in the information systems industry, while focusing on the professions of quality assurance, control, security, and information technology management skills. ISACA, established in 1969, has more than 200 branches worldwide and relies on an international network of chapters as a central source and information and directives in the growing field of control over computer systems. It seeks to spread knowledge and to continue increasing awareness about the importance of controlling information technology.