Umniah receives a Digital Forensics Investigator certification from Kaspersky Lab

Umniah’s Security Operations Center receives a Digital Forensics Investigator certification from Kaspersky Lab In yet another major achievement in the arena of enterprise cybersecurity solutions, Umniah’s Security Operations Center (SOC) recently acquired a Digital Forensics Investigator certification from Kaspersky Lab, the leading global provider of information security technologies and services. This certification further demonstrates the capacity of Umniah’s team to combat and mitigate the ever-growing threat of cybersecurity attacks by leveraging the power of digital forensic analysis to interpret and respond to data breaches. This will serve as a substantial asset to Umniah’s clients, allowing for immediate response and mitigation operations in cases of data breaches. “We are immensely proud of the achievements that our Security Operations Center continues to make in the field of world-class cybersecurity solutions,” commented Umniah’s CEO, Ziad Shatara. “Since its launch, the SOC has continually reinforced Umniah’s lead in this rapidly evolving and increasingly important field, allowing us to take our response and mitigation capabilities to the next level using cutting-edge digital forensics to immediately respond to cybersecurity crimes, in addition to gathering evidence and supporting legal proceedings in this regard.” Shatara further noted that the ISO27001-certified SOC operates around the clock to monitor and preempt potential cybersecurity threats that might be leveled against clients, offering a wide array of solutions to safeguard the integrity and security of client networks. These solutions are managed through adaptable virtual security operations centers that operate at unparalleled efficiency, constituting a key advantage for enterprises that wish to guarantee uninterrupted productivity and avoid significant financial and reputational damages. It is worth noting that Kaspersky Lab is a multinational cybersecurity and anti-virus provider with over 20 years of experience in the field. In 2018 Kaspersky Lab products participated in 88 independent tests and reviews. Our products were awarded 73 firsts and achieved 77 top-three finishes. END