The Tank Kicks Off New Season By Opening Up Applications for Startups

the tank

April xx, 2021 – Amman, Jordan: Umniah’s business incubator, The Tank has announced the launch of call for applications to receive submissions for the new season of its incubation program, a move that is in line with its continuous efforts to stimulate and support the entrepreneurial environment in the Kingdom.


To join The Tank’s newest season, entrepreneurs have to submit their application before April 17, 2021, and must meet a rigorous set of criteria, which includes a minimum age of 18; owning a technology-based startup in the sphere of Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, cybersecurity, financial technology, blockchain, e-commerce via social media, or a smart app; the project is still in the nascent stages; and has a product or service that can be sold.


Startups that are accepted into the program’s new season will receive an integrated series of services that include individual counseling and mentorship, access to workshops and training courses, access to financing, financial and legal consultations, business development and marketing training, the opportunity to network with investors and financing institutions, as well as office space, the facilitation of vocational licensing and tax and customs exemptions. Applications for the incubation program were provided by The Tank on all of its social media sites.


Speaking about the new season, Umniah CEO Ziad Shatara explained that The Tank is offering a place to 20 entrepreneurs that meet the stringent criteria, after which members of the group must prepare two presentations and an interview with a specialized committee. Shatara went on to stress the pivotal role that Umniah and The Tank play in offering sustained support to the nation’s entrepreneurs, working with them to turn their ideas into viable economic and income-generating projects through guidance, mentorship, and targeted training. According to Shatara, numerous success stories have emerged through The Tank’s programs, which have been disrupting the entrepreneurship scene since its establishment in 2014.


According to Shatara, The Tank has consistently contributed to creating unique networking opportunities for young entrepreneurs with major local and international companies, helping them push their business forward by offering them the opportunity to attend international conferences, whether in person of virtually due to the restrictions in place due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Annually, The Tank provides services to about 5,000 beneficiaries of entrepreneurs, as well as incubating 10 startups in person and 10 startups virtually.