Corporate Voice

  • Network Extensibility
    You can add other SIP/PRI trunks/channels in a matter of days to meet your growing corporate call demands. SIP/PRI trunks are handled through our headquarters so that your operations remain unburdened by additional tasks.
  • Very Competitive Tariffs
    With Umniah’s inexpensive local and international tariffs, you are guaranteed low costs of service.
  • Outstanding Network Platforms
    Umniah’s platforms have surpassed any competition due to their ability to simultaneously connect to several international voice carriers.
  • Great Quality
    With Umniah, you can enjoy crystal-clear communication services. Our lag-free calling services, with direct technical support, will give you a seemingly in-person encounter.
  • Independency & Dependability
    Umniah’s services are offered through privately managed IP networks rather than public Internet sites, which increases stability and consistency in services compared to traditional PRI methodologies.
Corporate Voice

To inquire about this service, please call us on 0780780780 or email us at

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