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numerous hotels in Jordan rely and trust the IP Video Surveillance (CCTV) solution by Umniah.

Regardless of the purpose of their trip, guests, whether in hotels, resorts or lodging properties, want to feel at ease and safe. In addition, making the hotel a more comfortable and safe environment has become the biggest challenge. Therefore, numerous hotels in Jordan rely and trust the IP Video Surveillance (CCTV) solution by Umniah.

The main objective for video surveillance technology in your facility is the monitoring of publicly accessible areas such as lobbies, lounges, restaurants and corridors in order to prevent any unauthorized access. Outside cameras are also part of the monitoring areas such as shuttle buses, outdoor swimming pools and beaches, which can prevent damages within or unauthorized access to public areas. Parking spaces are often included in the security concept as recording the event on a parking level or in an underground garage.

Service Features:

  • Network Video Recorder

NVR supports different codec decoding, high incoming bandwidth, up to 12Mp resolution preview & playback, HDMI/VGA simultaneous video output, and RAID storage.

  • Integrated IP Surveillance System

Integrated IP technology components – such as IP cameras, Network Video Recorders (NVRs), and video management software – help to create a reliable, flexible security platform for businesses.

  • Wide Range of Cameras

Our solution can provide you with a wide range of indoor and outdoor cameras with multiple resolutions, which can support monitoring various areas including long and narrow spaces, as well provide a 360-degree view.

  • Supporting All Lighting Conditions

During the daytime, sunlight can bring intense contrast into the lobby and at entrances. Cameras with true WDR ensure detailed video in all lighting conditions.

  • Smart Detection of Objects

IP cameras with smart detection functionality can automatically detect objects in predefined areas and trigger an alarm.

  • Around-the-Clock Operational Support

Our help-desk center provides around-the-clock services to ensure continuity, which is combined with SLA.

Service Benefits:

  • Lease to Own Model

Umniah provides you with a full cost-efficient CCTV solution, with no upfront CAPEX investment or hidden charges. Instead, you only cover recurring charges and operational fees only.

  • Reliable and user-friendly recording

Depending on the area of application and the size of the facility, Umniah offers a range of recording systems for recording camera feeds. All devices are characterized by high availability and reliability.

  • Responding to Events

Our video management platform and embedded Network Video Recorder (NVR) comprises the Control Center, which ensures prompt alarm responsiveness and reliable video footage. Control center along with security guards can view live video feeds on the video wall. When emergencies arise, they can quickly locate the scene and immediately coordinate a response.

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